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Keeyask Hydropower Limited Partnership

adverse effects agreements Click here to view the Keeyask Hydropower Limited Partnership website.

Keeyask Generating Station

The Keeyask Generating Station will be situated on the Lower Nelson River, approximately 60 kilometers downstream of Split Lake. Keeyask will be located approximately 725 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg.


Project Facts

  • 695 megawatts rated capacity
  • Average annual energy production: 4,400 Gigawatt hours
  • Flooded land area: approximately 45 square miles (gradually increasing due to erosion)
  • Total reservoir area: approximately 93 square kilometres
  • Turbines: 7 or 8
  • Construction period: 7-8 years
  • Keeyask would be the fourth largest of Manitoba’s generating stations

Friday, May 29, 2009, marked an historic day for the Cree Nation Partners, Fox Lake Cree Nation, York Factory First Nation and Manitoba Hydro with the signing of the Joint Keeyask Development Agreement (JKDA), which sets out the terms for the ownership and operation of the Keeyask Generating Station.

The JKDA provides the four First Nations with an opportunity to own up to 25% of the Generating Station, while also providing jobs, job training, upgraded community services and first access to bid on certain construction contracts. In addition to the JKDA, the CNP each negotiated Adverse Effects Agreements with Manitoba Hydro. These agreements were negotiated to address and resolve all past, present and future Keeyask adverse effects on the CNP, all impacts of the Keeyask Project on the collective rights and interests of the CNP, and all impacts of the Keeyask Project on the exercise of Aboriginal and Treaty rights by CNP and our Members, which:

  • arise from the development and operation of the Keeyask Project within the Agreed Water Regime; and
  • as of the date of signing of this agreement are foreseen or, with the exercise of due diligence, are foreseeable.

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